Here's 5 Video Hacks Guaranteed To Convert Sales

Here's 5 Video Hacks Guaranteed To Convert Sales (Episode 81)

video marketing podcast Nov 05, 2021

You went all out to create great product videos for your online business. But so far, your audience engagement is sparse, and buyers who approach you aren’t following through after initial conversation. You start to wonder if you need to create more videos or to increase frequency of posting online. 

Welcome to 'Get Coached', the Video Made Simple podcast segment where you submit your video marketing questions and Chris will help coach you through them.

In this episode, Chris Schwager, Video Marketer from Ridge Films, will coach you through the Top 5 video marketing strategies to boost your online sales.

Understand that marketing your videos doesn’t stop with creation and distribution. Having a video strategy will help you engage your audience in the most personal way possible, to raise the chances of converting them to a sale.


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Welcome to the Video Made Simple podcast. I'm your host, Chris Schwager. And today's Get Coached question is from Charlene. And Charlene wants to know, what video marketing strategies can she use to help boost her online business sales? And this is a great question, we all want to boost sales. And learning how to engage your audience in the most personal way possible is how you convert them, and turn those opportunities into business. Okay, so let's paint the situation, you have a large supply of goods, you've got great product videos, you got a good on camera presence. But engagement is still scarce, buyers approach you but none of them follow through after initial conversation.

Buyers tend to assess whatever information they get from the initial conversation with you and make their own research and comparison to other products. And they're going to do this whether you like it or not. They're going to search websites, they're going to peruse your LinkedIn profile, they're going to go through your social media, that's just the reality. And something that you don't want them to do on their own without your input first, so you want to grab their attention quickly.

And here are some tips of how you can do that, Charlene, and engage them right through the process using some really great videos. Now, one, make a personalized video call. Underestimated, but a great opportunity for you to get them a video in an email and shoot that back to them. That is just the best thing. It's been great for our business. And I highly recommend it because you're showing that you've made an effort.

Two, record FAQ videos. Be there to answer those questions without being there if you like. If they get access to those and it's all good and you can be able to facilitate a lot of those questions without being involved in the conversation, they're gonna build rapport, they're gonna build trust with you, because they feel like they're getting all their concerns answered, and it's going to make it far easier for them to buy.

Three, make out what to expect video, okay, so this could be alright, when you work with us. These are the steps this could be your methodology, how you work, the process that you'll go through, you know, you can do that by using customer testimonials and stories and case studies to shepherd them through that process. But it's highly recommended because you are painting the picture of what goes on behind the scenes.

Four, send a proposal walkthrough video. This is really great at guiding them through the proposition, through their proposal, what are they going to get, and sometimes particularly if they've got to prove this purchase, write up the change to the decision maker, it's a really great exercise to record that video so that they can pass that on to the decision makers, they get firsthand what's included in the proposal, and what they can expect by purchasing with you.

And five send a follow up video. If you haven't heard from them, what better way to reengage them by using video to do that now that could be personalized, or it could be a generic video, it's up to you. We use generic videos. And it's really, really successful just keeps that facial recognition in the decision making. Again, if they've banded that proposal around the office, and maybe it's been forgotten about, then this is a really great way to reinvigorate that relationship and remind them a why to choose you.

Feed your buyers with personalized messages to make them feel loved and engaged, the more attention you can give them, the more they'll respond to you. And the more that there'll be natural and open up to you. And we all want those personalized relationships in business. A happy buyer is most likely ready to give you good feedback and share the good news. And there's no better way to get that than to ask them about their experience watching your videos and being taken through that process in video form.

Get that feedback, the data is not going to tell you because it's probably only going to be one or two plays, maybe more if it's a bigger team. But get the feedback. Ask them Was that helpful? Was that useful? And in getting that feedback, you're able to refine it and work out what is successful and what needs more tweaking in terms of your videos. This will help establish good relationships with your prospects. Create a good follow up process. People will love, they'll learn more about you and your products, and you'll have a steady stream of income as people will want to heed your call of action.

Talking to people through videos is one of the best ways to compel people to convert. If you want more information on how to do this within your organization, better, faster, everything from one camera training to producing your videos fast and getting videos made just like you're seeing right now then go to and get access to a DIY Program that might be just the best thing that you can do moving forward because you're going to take a lot of that learning out of the equation.

And Charlene thank you so much for asking your question, what video marketing strategies can be used to boost online sales? If you use these methods of coaching through to generate audience engagement and push conversions, I'm sure this is going to be really great at helping you increase your viewership and boost your sales and for listeners, what has you feeling overwhelmed? Submit your video marketing question to for your chance to get coached by me. Thanks for listening and see you next week.


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