Balancing Authenticity and Strategy on Social Media with Mary Anne Amies

Balancing Authenticity and Strategy on Social Media with Mary Anne Amies (Episode 167)

podcasts video coaching video marketing podcast Nov 21, 2023

Welcome back to the "Video Made Simple" podcast with your host, Chris. It's been a transformative couple of weeks, and Chris has some exciting updates to share. Following a significant incident in March that reshaped his life, business, and perspective, he's taking the reins of the company and embracing a new chapter.

In this episode, Chris delves into the intricacies of social media, revealing the changes he's making and the lessons he's learned. Joining him is Mary Anne Amies, a seasoned digital marketer and guest from a few weeks back. They explore the underestimated effort behind effective social media, the power of authenticity, and the evolving landscape of organic and paid strategies.

Chris reflects on his near-death experience, the exit of his business partner, and the realisation that he's now the head honcho. The journey includes tough decisions, like parting ways with a valued team member due to financial constraints. The podcast details the shift in mindset, from viewing social media as noise to recognising its strategic potential.

Mary Anne sheds light on the crucial role of strategy in social media marketing. The conversation touches on understanding the audience, choosing the right channels, and delivering content that resonates. They navigate the challenge of maintaining authenticity while meeting the demands of consistency.

With insights from Mary Anne's 15 years in digital marketing, the discussion unveils the changing dynamics of social media. The days of going viral for the sake of virility are over; now, it's about meaningful engagement with the right audience. The importance of controversial opinions in breaking through the noise is emphasised.

As Chris redefines his approach to social media, incorporating data-driven strategies, Mary Anne provides valuable tips for leveraging organic content for brand affirmation. The episode concludes with a focus on the dual role of social media—visibility and being a trusted resource when potential clients seek affirmation.

Tune in for an episode loaded with realisations, transformations, and practical tips on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media and business.

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