Byron Trzeciak's SEO Odyssey Using Professional DIY Videos

Byron Trzeciak's SEO Odyssey Using Professional DIY Videos (Episode 171)

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Embark on a journey with DIY video virtuoso Chris Schwager, a.k.a. Schwags, and SEO sage Byron Trzeciak. Together, they unravel the secrets of building habits, optimising time, and fostering genuine connections through impactful content. Byron's SEO insights take center stage, shedding light on the future of online visibility. From personalised videos to cutting-edge AI, this episode is a roadmap for DIY video excellence. Join Schwags and Byron for an illuminating discussion that combines humour, experience, and a vision for mastering the art of DIY video. Dive into Byron's SEO Wisdom on DIY Video Mastery Unleashed!

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Video Transcription:

Chris: Good day, legends. Welcome to the DIY Video for Professionals podcast, where we unravel the secrets behind crafting videos that scream professional without the hassle. I'm your host, Chris Swagger, the DIY Maestro, here to guide you through the mesmerizing world of DIY Video Production. We take you beyond the lens from the latest in DIY video, optimizing your tech it up, and even to candid chats with clients sharing personal stories that transcend the realm of video. This is your all access pass to mastering the string the video game and living a life filled with action and decisions. Get ready to transform not just your videos, but your approach to life 1 episode at a time. Welcome to DIY Video for Professionals. This time 1 year [00:01:00] ago that Brian Chaziak appeared on the show. I was having a little listen to it to it this morning and, um, great content. Great content. Go back in time to the to March 20 23 and have a have a listen. It was it was great. How are you? Byron: Good. Good. The year started off with a with a bang. We're already neck deep in a whole lot of different activities and initiatives and things like that. So Such as? That's been good. Well, video is obviously a big 1 a big part of it still. So, um, you know, I was browsing over the holidays and, Um, looking at my own kind of browsing habits online, and I started to really, um, think, wow. I feel like my business in, like, the TL and Google land is starting to become a little bit, like, uh, defunct here. You know? Like, video is really taking over and even, like, looking at my own browsing habits, I was like, well, Oh, you know, like, Google is part of the journey these days, but it's not necessarily the whole journey anymore. You know? Video is really, uh, taking off there, I think. And yeah. So So it led me to kind of this year [00:02:00] just really going, alright. I think I saw a post from you saying, you know, it's amazing how many excuses people give when it comes to, creating video and putting video out there. And I was like, oh, man. That's still hitting home to some degree even after what I did last year. Um, so, yeah, this year has really been kind of diving back into video and getting getting stuck into it. Um, you've seen me around on TikTok and some other platforms and things like that. So, uh, Uh, it's not perfect yet that we're, uh, trying to perfect the strategy there. So yeah. Is it all about strategy? Because I've seen the stuff that you've that you've, uh, been publishing. Is it Yeah. You're kinda doing these things and you're, alright. Cool. Like, it's weird and wacky and kind of different and Yeah. You know, is it are you really, like, just approaching it from a, like, a numbers perspective and going right out, if we do this, let's measure the result and go again. Yeah. Definitely. I think there's a lot of exploration at the moment. You know? Um, I'm a big believer that People often you know, maybe this is 1 of the excuses, but people often [00:03:00] talk about, um, oh, this wouldn't work or would this work or would this work? I know My dad, he was he loved what ifs when we were younger and stuff. What if we do this and what if we do that? But the truth is that sometimes nobody really knows what's gonna happen, so You may as well just start doing it. Um, and even though you look at it and say, well, it's not perfect yet. It's not exactly the way I wanted to deliver it. Every time you watch it and so forth, it's like that instantaneous feedback where you're going, okay. Cool. I'll I'll improve on that the next time. Yep. Or this view this video. Got 700 views. Why did that get 700 views? And this 1 here just kind of dribbled dribbled along at 30 views or something like that. So, yeah, there's a lot of trial and error I think in at the moment. Um, we've got a few clients that are also getting stuck into video as well. So it's a nice little kinda video group to get involved with and say, hey. I did this, that happened, and I did this, and that happened. So Tell me tell me what you are doing, like, so so everybody knows exactly how you're kind of approaching it. Yeah. Definitely. So [00:04:00] kind of my view is I mean, my previous Well, just going back a step was more around blog posts and organic content. Um, now video, you could still say is organic content, and you could say still say it's search engine related. It's just not necessarily Google related in that regard. Um, so my view is that video is the best kind of content to, uh, kinda have that omnipresence. And I definitely hate that word, but it's that way of, like, being on all these different platforms with the least amount of work possible. Uh, you can do a 30 second video, 60 second video, Literally have that on TikTok, Instagram, uh, Twitter and x, LinkedIn, YouTube. Um, there's no other form of content that can really do that at the end of the day. So, um, so that's my view at the moment is really just to Um, start exploring, trying to market the business every day, become a, you know, a better marketer myself, and, uh, yeah, just to open up the floodgates hopefully [00:05:00] in terms of what we get back. So What makes a good marketer, do you reckon? Uh, I think somebody that kind of is willing to go outside of their comfort zone to do to do things that aren't necessarily, um, you know, a core skill set. I mean, I I would presume that a lot of your clients, uh, maybe maybe you got small small businesses, maybe you got some large such businesses as well. But I think with small business, you have to kinda put on a lot of hats when you're the when you're the owner. And, uh, Yeah. I think video is 1 of those areas where I've heard so many of my own clients say, like, oh, I don't like the sound of my voice, and I don't like this, and I don't like that. But, really, if it works, um, and I did speak to, um, I reached out to a few people over the summer break just to talk about their TikTok strategy. And 1 lawyer that I was speaking to, he said for 2 hours per week, he was getting 1 third of his income from TikTok. That's pretty substantial. Organic. Organic. Organic. Organic. Yeah. [00:06:00] Far out. And I'll I need his number. That's pretty hard to ignore with that kind of strategy, you know, especially when you're talking about, say, Google Ads or some other area that's very, very expensive. Yeah. Um, and and And what I liked about it was that he wasn't necessarily, you know, the slickest guy. He wasn't, you know, overly polish. He didn't look like a Brad Pitt or or anything like that. He just was an ordinary everyday guy that was kind of putting out High value content, not necessarily the sexiest content. Mhmm. And he was getting awesome results with that. So, um, you know, I think value? What's what's what's your definition of high value content? What what exactly was he doing, the type of content that he was doing? So his was around, uh, family law. So it's All to do with, like, um, divorce and, uh, child custody and all these Right. Kind of areas. And I think at the end of the day, you know, everybody's got specific pain points and so forth. So for me, valuable content is just being able to kinda hit some of those pain points and deliver [00:07:00] them some value. Like, at the end of that 30 seconds or 60 seconds, um, I've learned something that I didn't know before, which maybe redirects me to what I do moving forward. So So was he just doing, like, a case study? Was it, like, a case study style? Like, you go, oh, this client Yeah. This will happen. Right. A lot of frequently asked question kind of stuff. So Right. The fortunate nature, I think, with TikTok, and I was talking to another client about this as well, Is that after a certain period, if you're starting to get engagement there, then people will ask you questions and it really just forms your entire, like, content strategy. Say, oh, that's a great question. Yeah. Let me just point and shoot a video for that Yeah. And answer that. And so you're basically you know, if you think about the software world or all these other kind of worlds, it's like if you do exactly what your customer wants and give them the exact kind of information they want, then that's the best way to move forward. You know? Don't come up with some wonderful software update If your customers don't actually need it, like, focus on exactly what they need and deliver that to them. So, yeah, so it's a good strategy. Yeah. I I've been [00:08:00] looking at the stuff you've been been doing and admiring anybody really that's actually still in the sort of 20 23. Yeah. Kinda like, oh, I gotta go. I can pound it. Right? Pound it hard. Um, and, you know, it's hard when you When I'm generating leads and actual so I'm like the lawyer, but with ads. Right? So Yeah. I'm just letting those go tick away every day it on LinkedIn. And so the predictable lead flow comes in and really predictable cash flow. And I guess it's, like, Hard to to ignore when it works. You know? It's like, alright. Well, The only thing I I cons I I'm concerned about is how do we squeeze it, you know, how to squeeze it harder and make, you know, make that dollar stretch further. Yeah. But, you know, it's been interesting last year. It was, you know, with Christine. I was listening to our previous podcast, and Christine [00:09:00] was still on with us this time last year and everything that went on in 20 23. I, um, uh, had to had to let it go, but It's now forced me to to rethink what our, I guess, schedule for frequency and type of content and all that that we're putting out because it's obviously less resources to be able to to do things like podcasts and social media and whatnot, uh, and ADMs. But Mhmm. There hasn't been a huge difference in in movement. And that's the thing that's probably got me bemused slightly is and I and I am shocked almost to hear that guys like the lawyer is still earning a third of his income through through organic posts. And I'd I'd Definitely wanna pick pick your brains further on how frequently he is doing that and and all of that. But yeah. And so I'm in a little bit of a a quarry, I guess, is to understand, you know, uh, the value of organic and and kind of re [00:10:00] reinvigorating my my love for it, you know, and and try to try to get a more predictable formula for success around that. Because I don't see yeah. I don't I mean, the ads have always just been the thing that have gotten traction, the thing that got people talking. Mhmm. The the they seem to have been just just driving activity. Um, and the organic's like, oh, they might watch. They might not. Like, I'm at a point where I'm going, like, why I've got so much content. Why don't I just keep, like, regurgitating it? Why not? Yeah. Why am I trying to invent anything? Um, just regurgitating. 1 thing I do wanna add before I stop talking is LinkedIn and the stop telling me what to do, LinkedIn. Yeah. I was like it was like, every guy on there. It's like, oh, this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna succeed in business. It's like, oh, fuck. Please, give me [00:11:00] a break. Um, so it's kind of now it's a little bit about advising my clients because because I've got some clients who are who I'm coaching here saying, you know, what am I creating? You know, what am I what am I creating? Who am I talking to? Is this something that they wanna consume? It's like, don't create. Just fucking document it. Document your story. And it's much like what you were saying. Right? Get on there and just tell them a buddy story about FAQ or a or a thing that happened to your client and just let let that go and make the engineering around that as as effortless as as possible and try not to get bogged down in the process too much. You know? So that's where I'm at. You gotta ask yourself, are you satisfied with the way that you're presenting yourself and your personal brand to your market. And for 4 years now, people have been really struggling to clarify the way they look and sound on camera when it comes to doing video calls and recording their own personalized videos. And there is a solution. The DIY Video program [00:12:00] Helps you personalize sales video and emails, record professional marketing videos, look and sound amazing in every video meeting without the tech hassles, and you also get professional video editing and practical training so that you can present like a pro. You don't have to do anything in that initial setup because the studio is in stalled for you. You get your coaching and the training so that you can then go on and be a video professional and wipe out poor quality the videos forever. Why don't you go to rich films dot com dot a u slash d I y and check it out for yourself? Look, I I think all of that's very valid, and, um, I was was kinda thinking at it as well. Like, you probably saw with some of my initial videos, I was in that land as well. Like, what kind of content do I come up with here? And then, Um, you know, even with ChatGPT and trying to fuel some ideas and get some creative thinking going there, you still sometimes get stagnant just in, like, well, what kind of content do I have to create? And, um, I've had a look at people like Gary Vaynerchuk and other big [00:13:00] content creators, and it's become like an everyday thing. It's like ingrained into the business that every interaction is an opportunity for content and so forth. So that's the way I'm looking at it these days. Like, here, we're having interaction. It's Very easy for me to jump on a call with you and just, uh, talk for 30 minutes, an hour. And the amount of content that we can get out of this is unbelievable. You know, all the short 30 second snippets will last us for the next month, basically. Yeah. Um, yeah. You know? And I'll make sure I don't think last time, I'm not sure if why I actually shared the recording with you, but I'll make sure I share the recording Yeah. As well. I appreciate that. Because you can you can just go and do your thing at the other end as well, Uh, because you'll have the ISO ISOs and whatever. So, um, that that's, uh, more and more, you know, with the coaching clients too, it's like, uh, let's just spend 1 session and just actually have a chat with each other and talk about business and talk about talk about the things that that will, um, you know, excite people and and get them get them, uh, get them understanding behind the scenes a little bit more. I don't don't think [00:14:00] there's still enough of that whole behind the facade, behind the Mhmm. The person behind what LinkedIn says that person is, you know. It's like, And and that's not for everybody, I I might add, but at where I'm at at the moment and the confidence in business and and much like yourself as well, I'm sure, At a point where where taking risks is far easier because there's a high amount of confidence in what the offering is and what the messaging is and who the Tajineers and who the client is, who we're targeting, the uniqueness, and dah dah dah. So it's like it's not really as risky, I guess. You know, there's there's not much as much at stake because there's a high amount of authority, um, and understanding about the market and how it works. And, um, And I think now I just gotta tell you this. I'm waiting on a new Tesla and I got a last I got a last week and I'm wrapping it and I'm at putting advertising all over. And it's the first chance I had I've I've been able to do [00:15:00] that because with Brendan leaving last year, um, I was never really, you know, working out how we could actually do it, make it work in a partnership sense. You know what I mean? Like, who gets the deductions and blah blah blah blah. Right? So now that I own the whole lot, it's like, yeah. I'll give that a go. Uh, put a nice QR code on the side and and do all the advertising and all. It's God. That's not a rich films ad. It's a, you know, DIY video like a professional ad. You know? It's like You know, it's only gonna look good if you have the DIY kit just plastered on the front of the windscreen or something. So you could be recording video as you go. You got the big black and light. I don't have I don't have it. It it, uh, it was actually proposed to do 1 of those back window things. You know how they put it over the window and they had, like, the tiny little micro dots all over them, so you can still see out. But it looks like there's an ad. But on a Tesla, it's so kinda sleek Kin. And it's not real like, there's real [00:16:00] estate, but it because it's so acute when people look at it, you really I don't I think you'd miss it. And, uh, My my rapping guy agreed. So we're gonna have to find out another solution. But the kit, you know, the desktop shooter is on the side definitely. It. It has to be because it's, you know, it's a it's a curious thing. And then me looking all macho in front of it as as it us. Really on the Rich Films website right now. Mhmm. But just not promoting Rich Films as much as the DIY, the the desktop studio. And, you know, you can do this yourself, you know, kind of kind of thing. And I think I've got a feeling it's a very sneaky thing that this will definitely work and will will get people, uh, buzz in the QR code. And if they get the QR code, then we'll be able to track the, um, the lead flow. Back. And yeah. That's right. And that's what I like, I'm so amped at that. I'm not so Yeah. Yeah. Excited about having my face on the side of the car as I am just like, if I [00:17:00] when I get a lead, I'll be like, oh, yes. I will I will do this every day of the week if I'm literally a driving billboard, um, which is Exciting to think. Yeah. So stay tuned for a fully sick renovation happening on a boring old white Tesla. That looks like every other Tesla. It's all if you're not doing Tesla content these days, you're not in the game, I don't think. So I think it's, uh, you know, all Tesla content these days. So Well, mate, it's fine. Yeah. And it's like, I'm I'm keen to do something about, you know, our record, you know, use your 6 it was like 5 or 6 cameras. I think it's like I think it's like 6 cameras in there, because I I realized I had an interior camera as well. I just saw that this morning. So I'm looking at them in the shop as they're wrapping it today. Wow. I just go, oh, and I was and the kids were like, oh, press the fart the fart horn, you know, and and freak them out and all that. Yeah. [00:18:00] That's it. But that, uh, and I new sounds every month. But, yeah, I was gonna go go back actually to your previous point about, um, talking with clients and so forth. I mean, Your content's always been something I've admired in terms of, like, um, slickness of delivery and so forth, always making it super Punchy, you know, whatever we had coaching and so forth. It was about kind of get in, deliver the message, get out, and so forth. Um, but I think with, Um, you know, maybe what resonates is that value component as well. Sometimes with those shorter form videos, it's harder to deliver the maximum value. And I think some of the value is actually gonna come out of, like, client conversations and things like this. And I actually think for myself as well, You know, we we are looking to speak with more lawyers and so forth. So actually having those conversations with lawyers, that's gonna help me know what their pain points Like, how they've kind of come to be, how did they get to this kind of position in their business. So I'm gonna learn that niche a lot better as well. Plus, you have opportunities for content for both sides as well. So [00:19:00] out of this, you know, um, like, for example, in this engagement, I can take content out of this. You can take content out of this. We're both getting content out of it. So I think, like, from your perspective, it's a win win. You get a lot of value. You get a lot of pain points to kind of Broadcast out onto your social. And, uh, it's very easy content, you know, jump on 30 minutes. If you can't do that every week, then I think, uh, there's probably bigger issues. You know? So Well, I like I like the ease, I think is probably the word I'm looking for is Yeah. You know, look, I'm all about, you know, the the half hour we spend together should be like, you know, no more phone calls. Right? Like, this is if you wanna chat, we're recording this shit. Do you know what I mean? And we're gonna repurpose it because Because we you know, you find on phone calls, you get into these conversations with people, and you go, fuck. There's some gold coming out here right now. Like, why why are we doing this on on a over a shit house phone call. Yeah. Um, and and, uh, [00:20:00] I think I think from a from a time versus output perspective. I think that's the thing that we're gonna remind ourselves is that, you know, creating content is is it requires a lot of energy. Right? Mhmm. And, yes, I'm sure there's people out there that we go, oh, it doesn't take me long. I just suck. But I I was at my wife, man, and she's, like, she's starting her journey on Instagram, and she spends fucking ages trying to put their description Chint together. You know, she's tapping away, tapping away, tapping away. And she she really puts a lot of effort. And when you read it, You can tell that it's that it's really well well done, and it's really from from the heart. And she's she's adding a lot of value and all that sort of stuff. And I'm like, just chat GPT. And she's like, but you gotta get your own gotta find your own voice. And I'm like, well, the voice starts for me in the chat, And then I do the modifications, and it's like it's kind of like draft written for me so that I can then kind of put my spin on it and all that sort of stuff. But but, um, [00:21:00] you know, as a business owner, as a modern person in this world that is looking for looking at every minute that they spend and how they should spend it. Right? Then then, you know, this utilization of of of leverage, this idea of constantly looking at leverage is just so much more important than I think it's ever been. I think we we've gotten last year, we got the biggest gift to to business of all. And that was an ability to have consistent, clear, well written messages without the fucking brain space that it goes in that goes in to creating that. And that was ChatJAPT. Right? And If you're not putting your persona into what is it? ChatGPT 3.5, the free version, right, which is what I'm using. Yep. Putting your persona in there and the language and how you like to talk and and all about you and really trying to train it to be [00:22:00] your voice, then, man, you're fucking behind. You know, you're a year behind already. Get into it. Like, starting this year. I mean, uh, it's it's been so good. Like, I've literally come up with the DIY video like a professional thing that is sitting on the homepage now with with all of the services broken out and all the, uh, unique propositions. Things. Really the key things that I want people to see. Because I'm I'm aspiring to the Tesla to the Mac kind of simple layout where everybody gets whatever they need, and it's not Cluttered, and it's not too much information. And here's if you want more, here's where you go. I've built that based on a back and forth chat with with chat GPT on a Saturday while I walk in to give blood. I've had a conversation on the side of the street back and forth back and forth back and forth, and have come up with this on a Saturday morning. And I felt like for the first time, I've been able to get clarity on it based [00:23:00] on having a sounding board that wasn't my business coach or my wife or a colleague, the somebody who are not wasting really anybody's time on it. Okay? And and I'm going through this exploit exploration with chat. And and I guess it does come down to a bit of an understanding as well as to the differences between what and why content, what's unique, what isn't, what's cliched and what's not. You know, all of those things have have been from a mature business operator and marketer and understand all of those things. And I and I would say that anybody coming in new might not be able to get full clarity on that. But I think once you have the maturity in business and understand what your product is and And who your client is and how you're selling this to them. Now I think this marriage with ChatJPT to define to be that sounding board, to define those messages is hugely, hugely important and Yeah. Such a great time saver. You know? And I'm not dissing the marketing firms, terms and they're like, they're gonna be great and all that, but [00:24:00] this is just such a amazing low cost alternative, uh, that, um, can really give a human clarity on what the fuck they're trying to get across. Yeah. No. I think, uh, I mean, I'm I'm a big believer in consistency, And I think ChatGPT for me personally helps me to be more efficient and more consistent because this thinking time, you know, like, I can be an overthinker in at the best of times, you know, overthink this, overthink that. Um, I think ChatChpBT allows you to Go beyond that overthinking, get to a version 1 very quickly, and then I'm I'm always a big believer. Like, get to version 1 of something. You can always tweak and improve it and get better there. But if you never get to version 1, then it's just it's just an idea. And, uh, you know, ideas aren't gonna And I get you very far, uh, if you don't execute on them. So so, yeah, I think that that's a big part of it. It's getting so much better in so many different ways. I mean, we use AI in literally [00:25:00] So many different areas of our business now. It's just a consistent, um, and it probably goes back to that whole conversation we had at the start too. I'm starting to see now, like, why how would you go and search in Google and try to go through 10 listings or something plus ads plus everything else. If you can just ask chat GBT, I ask it everything these days. Um, you know, even simple things. We're looking at purchasing a house, and I was like, oh, well, these 2 cars fit in the garage. One's this car, one's that car. How much space will I have for the doors? And ChatGPT is just sending that back to me, you know. So, um, it's you're never gonna get that from Google or or, uh, you know, you're gonna have to sit there and have 30 minutes worth of calculations to try to figure it out yourself. So Yeah. You know, it's a phenomenal tool, and I think you're right. Like, every business to be using it. I know my brother, he's just getting into video. We're gonna do some video ads, uh, around his business. And he did the same thing, went to chat, got a kind of script out of there that he could start with. Um, and he's gonna kind of, you know, use that as his version 1. So, um, yeah, it's very [00:26:00] good just to get out of that thought, uh, overthinking process. Just get straight into doing something. Get some examples from Chat CPT and just get started, you know. And over time, like, if you can get to the point where you've it in the way that you have, then I think that's even better. You'll hopefully have something even stronger on your on your very first version. So yeah. So is business good for you? Like, it's stable? It's stable. Yeah. It's going very, very well. And, uh, we're looking to introduce some new services. So we may to start to do organic video, um, for our clients in some ways. And, you know, I know a lot of my the team have been going, oh, but video, it's a lot of work and it's a lot of editing and so forth. But, um, I'm not necessarily looking to create the next Super Bowl advert for you. I just wanna basically get content and get it consistent and start to see the impact because, you know, we could sit here and spend whole week on a blog post only to see that it gets very little views and so forth. And, um, that's what I was [00:27:00] gonna say about your wife as well. Sometimes there is this degree of content perfection, where if that content doesn't actually get any views, then you've spent all of that time for basically no impact whatsoever. Mhmm. Um, so I'm more, Um, how can we make it a consistent everyday thing where that content's constantly going out? And even if 2 out of, say, 5 videos gets traction, That's still better than putting all of your eggs in 1 basket and seeing no impact whatsoever. So, um, so, yeah, we'll look to introduce some new services as part of the the business moving forward. We don't wanna be the Kodak as well. Um, not to say there's not a value and there's not a place for Google. I think there still is. But I Definitely see it as changing and becoming, you know, very video oriented moving forward. So yeah. You gotta ask yourself, are you satisfied fire with the way that you're presenting yourself and your personal brand to your market. And for 4 years now, people have been really struggling to clarify the way they look and sound on camera when it comes to doing video [00:28:00] calls and recording their own personalized videos. And there is a solution. The DIY Video program helps you personalize sales video and emails, record professional marketing videos, look and sound amazing in every video meeting without the tech hassles, and you also get professional video editing and practical training so that you can present like a pro. You don't have to do anything in that initial setup because the studio is installed for you, you get your coaching and the training so that you can then go on and be a video professional and wipe out poor quality videos forever. Why don't you go to rich films dot com dot a u slash DIY and check it out for yourself. You're looking practically the same, but with a Rubik's cube in the background. How's it all going how's how's the desktop studio and and everything going for you? It's going really well. I mean, I think, uh, behind the scenes pretty much you. I use video for, uh, proposals. So we send out kind of like a digital, uh, proposal, and that has videos [00:29:00] both, um, as an introduction to that proposal and as a, yay, you've come on board sort of thing. It's a nice way to just thank people for coming on board and that we're to get started. So we're kinda using in that customer interaction space. Uh, we've been still doing our video audit, which I did 1, uh, just yesterday. Zoom. 15 minutes, uh, auditing a, uh, client's kind of, uh, online profile. And they just said, There's just so much value here that we haven't got from anybody else. You know? So another just great example. Yeah. Um, very, very professional. This. We're doing video adverts at the moment. So I'm already getting leads coming through this week, which are coming through from video ads as well. Um, these are some new ones from what we were trying last year. So it. Yeah. Pretty much everything is video. Um, we're we're starting to look at something called go high level. You talked briefly before about just that lead management type of scenario. Like, how do you deal with all the leads that are coming in? How do you handle them in 6 months or 12 months time if, like, now is not a good fit for you? And, um, [00:30:00] you know, we're looking at that as well. And as part of that, video is gonna be included in some of those as well. So, yeah, I think video is the future. It's definitely the the backbone bone of what we're gonna be doing moving forward. And most of it comes down to just me and and, uh, just not taking my foot off it. You know, I'm the I'm the kind of guy that can go a little bit more introverted when I'm not doing it. Um, so for me, video, I need to keep keep doing it. And the more I do it, the more comfortable I am with it. So it'll just become part of every day at that point. So Yeah. Good, man. And then we we introduced a video called the post proposal follow-up video. So what we found was every day that goes by that a proposals out, and either that follow-up meeting is or is not set Mhmm. Is like back to the future where Michael j Fox starts to fade Out dissolves out in the photograph. Every day that goes by, Chris Swoggle is dissolving out of their minds. So I love that analogy, actually. [00:31:00] Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'm happy to give you 1 because I always love your your analogies. Um, but the, um, So what we're doing now is deploying the post proposal follow-up, and it's just another 30 second 30 to 60 second little just Get in front of them video, basically. It's just to say, thanks so much. Hopefully, you've received it by now. You got it safely, blah blah blah, um, and just to be there. And, uh, Yeah. Well, the first 1 I have the first 1 I did, the lady replied immediately because, you know, it'll it it's presented with the thumbnail and all that sort of stuff in an email. Right? But she came back. She fired back straight away. And then I realized in the Vidyard data that that the video hadn't been played. Mhmm. So just by virtue of being there, having that face in the email, in the thumbnail is enough, you know, to without having to fully engineer a video. And I think, again, back to the point of just getting on their talking from [00:32:00] the heart, not no predefined script necessarily, but just showing up and showing that you give a shit, that. They're not numb a number, and you haven't just kind of, like, put the pros proposal out and now give us your money. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Um, so I think So I think that's that's been, uh, that's been good so far, and we'll be be continuing continuing with that, Uh, just to just to see what the real impact is over time. But, uh, again, it only works because it's, you know, it's a thirties It's a 30 second unscripted you know, it takes less than 2 minutes again to to do, and it's a fairly easy exercise to do. And it makes a lot of difference, really. Yeah. Yeah. And I think if you can get to the point where it just you know, it's so kind of, uh, regimented in your business where it just says, yep. Chris, you need to do this video now. Okay. Cool. 30 seconds. Bang. Press the send button. Away you go. Yeah. Um, I know you spoke about that in the past, just making it very, very quick to do these things. Uh, don't overthink it too much. Uh, the video is, you know, just sending the video is a great first step, you know, and [00:33:00] as you say, sometimes They don't even watch it, but it just shows that you've done more. You wouldn't wanna take the car into the mechanic and say, hey, I've got this rattle in the engine, and they're just, like, yeah, it's 10000 dollars to fix it. Hang on a second. You didn't even pop the hood there to see what it was going on. I just know it's 10000 dollars. No worries whatsoever, you know. So I think that is it's the mechanic scenario where you're actually putting a little bit of effort to drive around the block or pop the hood just to see what's going on. You know? So I have just discovered a company in my US client in New York. I'll give him another mention. Ben Camille from Travel Defend has put me on to a company called Gan Gan dot a I. So a g a n dot a I. Oh, I think I know where you're going. Okay. Well, this is this is very few companies have Surprise me, and, you know, I'm I'm not gonna flog the shit out of these guys yet because I only saw them this morning. Mhmm. But It's [00:34:00] again another 1 of those. Okay. Record your, uh, your your your message, and then here's a script to readout on on video, of course, so that AI can train you can then train AI to be able to modify the words and the language and stuff like that. Yep. So that when you swap out the name and the company, it's gonna handle the process really well, and it appears seamless. Now I've seen examples. I've seen Danfals on their site, and they've shown me all that. And that's all great. Yep. Uh, but I'm gonna try and get my client, Ben, to go through and test Test it out and see how it goes. But the idea here is for businesses that want to do personalization in video at scale, Then this would be potentially a solution that they'll have to pay for. Okay? But it would mean that they could get in front of, you know, thousands of people Rather than 1 at a time like like I'm currently doing. So So far, [00:35:00] so good. Uh, but I'll I'll I'll, uh, keep you posted on the progress of that. I know that there'd be a lot of people that would be very interested to understand how that goes. My apprehension Yep. On all of these platforms and all these types of, uh, high volume personalized, Approaches has been around the cost in money and the cost in resourcing to set it up. So that effortless streamline from the input that it's getting, so from a from a CRM to a personalized video in an email sent. Um, what what's the cost, the engineering setup cost of that? And I I I with with it mind you, with a process that is completely untested. So It seems like, oh, yeah. This is amazing. This is gonna be excellent. This is gonna be sweet, but the setup could be so great To get it right and to to make [00:36:00] sure that it works and that there are no bugs all through it. Could be so Epic for individual. They'd be like, fuck. You know? Yeah. I've got 600 fucking videos out, uh, all personalized, but it took me freaking Dave who collect all the data to, you know, figure out get it all plugged plugged in together. So watch this space. I'm not saying no, But, uh, we just wanted somebody else to do the engineering, the the the groundwork, and and give me the thumbs up so I can launch it. Can do it. Yeah. It's interesting you say that actually because we use a lot of cold email. It's been pretty good with targeting law firms and things like that. And part of cold email, Um, some software called Lemlist is that, uh, you can inject customizations onto images and so forth. So if I'm holding a laptop here, I I can actually show, you know, the Rich Films web, uh, website on that laptop. So it gives a degree of personalization when that image comes through. So You're kinda talking about that from a video sense, and I have thought, how can I add [00:37:00] value here, uh, without having to create 6 1000 videos myself, you know? So that that kind of thing is very, very cool. Um, the other thing that I saw over the holidays was just the whole AI Avatar where you can basically, like, record your face and it kind of looks at you from different angles and then creates an AI kind of representation of you. So I kind of see that coming in as well. Probably right now, it looks a little bit like going back to the early nineties and looking at CGI. Just something Yeah. Looks a little bit off with it. Moving forward, you know, these CGI kind of AI representations of ourself where you can just feed it a script and it says whatever it needs to say. Yeah. That's probably also on its way, I think. So I I've got a report on the I can't remember the name of the company, but I did it. I presented last year, and I thought I'll go on and Sign up to 1 of these AI personal personalized. You know, you put your put your script in and she reads it out for you. Yeah. Um, I think I think I recorded the the the whole process at about an hour to to [00:38:00] output 15 seconds of video. K. And it was from a fucking full blown robot bird. Like Yeah. Um, you know, like, the full robot voice. Fucking there's no fucking attitude there at all. Like, she's Nah. She's she's just fucking cold as I get. My personality. Yeah. And and my report was this, um, great for LMSs and, like, hey. Get a human, you know, kind of easy. Right? But not at the cost of 1 hour per per 50 sec 15 seconds. That that seemed like Exactly. It'd have to definitely try and ramp up that speed. Yeah. But for something like putting it on your website, oh, man. Fuck. You know? Like, it's dry as fucking shit. You know? It's it's hard it. Totally. So yeah. So, um, but, anyway, like, there there's there's lots happening. Um, I reckon we're still a little bit on the immature phase of it, but we'll see where this Yeah. Gan dot AI goes. And Yeah. I think it's [00:39:00] definitely on its way. Personalization for video content just makes a lot of sense, I think, with a lot of different strategies these days. So Yep. We shall see. We shall see. But I think, Yeah. I don't know. If you're not doing video, I mean, that goes to all all your listeners as well. If you're not doing video or you have 1 of these DIY kits and you're hesitating on using it every every single day. I don't know. That would be my goal for for February. Just every day, see if you can do a snippet, whether that's taking from existing conversations Or, um, you know, using the DIY kit for what it's what it's used for, you know, just get that content out there because I think everybody's holding themselves back. Here. I said to myself the other day, if I don't do this video content, some, like, 21 year old whippersnapper that's just come straight out of, uh, university, He's hundred percent gonna do it. No issue whatsoever. So, you know, it's time to catch up or, uh, you're gonna shelve yourself, 5 think at the end of the day. So I I think [00:40:00] what's good about what you've said, you know, 1 year on is that you are demonstrating your capability to Stand Yourself beyond just going, oh, I've got to do another social media video, another social media video. Right? Like, you're talking about using in your sales and your marketing and, you know, buddy, getting on there and and skilling skilling up and getting familiar and getting confident and building that muscle memory, you know. And and that's and that's a part of what this is. I I don't think it's It's it's not all about the tech and all about the delivery and all about the results. It's a lot about, uh, building habits is 1 of our 20 24 values, build habits, get that habit built, you know, make it make it so that it's not a thing. You know, I I sit down, put these installs together people, and they go into their offices and whatever, and they're like, oh, the lights. Oh, jeez. It's gonna take a bit of getting used to. I was like, fuck yeah. Of course, it will. You just got a fucking studio in your desk now. Like, it's it's it's a big deal. Right? Um, but like all soft, The more you do it, the easier it [00:41:00] becomes. And the more Correct. The the more exposure you have to to leveraging it its full potential. Like, you know, I've got clients saying, oh, no. I'm not definitely won't have no need for even last night, I was Uh, talking about putting a full studio in for my business coach. And he's like, no. I don't see myself using it for any coaching. And I'm like, At some point, you'll go you'll go live on this. There's no fucking doubt. You'll you'll be live on this, and you'll see Yeah. That because of the nature of, like, the accessibility of it that it'll it'll open up more opportunities than you think once you've got it in place. Like, once that you realize, hey, I don't have to set up a light or a camera or the sound. I there is no excuse to to to putting out videos. It's really just comes down to time and a bit of ingenuity and understanding, um, where I can apply this in in the business. And, uh, and I think that's the the most important thing. It's just taking by taking out that tech variable, the idea that you don't need to frame [00:42:00] yourself up and look and, like, try and figure out, like, like, all that's removed, then it's like, oh, I that now businesses are immediately focused on application. So how which which is, like, application is the number 1 killer to bloody people harboring and taking on new information. It's like the implementation, if they can't implement, it's gone. Like, you know, there's there's a long steep learning curve or road ahead of them to try and do it. Right? So they've got to be an implementer. They've got to be capable of bringing doing new things in the business to make it different and make it work and make things more streamlined. Um, and so I think that's that's a probably anybody that's that's failed at video is probably because they just never been able to work out that flow and get that process down and skip not skip, but but understand the variables and go, okay. Cool. I've figured that out great. I don't have to figure that out again. I don't have to do that again. And I think, like, back [00:43:00] to our original conversation, if there's, like, If I could say that 2 hours of time per week, you could get 1 third of your income or get an additional third or something like that into your business, When we can jump on a call like this, Riverside, I think, is perfect for these kind of scenarios. Even in your coach's example, have your calls, do them via Riverside if you have to, Get the content for both sides. Join that together. You get an offshore team member to basically, you know, mash that together, uh, into some video content and and deliver it out to the the interwebs and all of your different social profiles. I mean, that's as easy as it gets to have, like, high value content getting delivered out Pretty consistently every single day. Um, I don't know. And and all you need is 1 of those videos to probably get, you know, a thousand views or 10000 views, some comments, some engagement, maybe a lead out of it. And you're like, hang on a second. This strategy is actually working here, you know. This is actually very effective, and I'm not putting a lot of effort into it. So, yeah, I think the potential [00:44:00] there is huge and I don't know. If you've got enough business coming in, fine. But if you haven't got enough business and you sit the same. I wouldn't mind some more leads today. Well, then you probably should be doing video, and that's it. That's gonna be that's your next ad, bro. That's what you should be doing on your next oh, I don't know why I got any leads. That's what you should that's the sort of shit you should put in there because if it evokes an emotional response, which it did in me, Yeah. Then I think it'll evoke a a response in in random cold people out there. Um, interesting. Right? Always looking for new new ways of of doing not the, um, you know, done for you. Done for you. Yeah. So sales ad, but something that, oh, well, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I got a bad idea. Too. That's a hard thing in terms of, uh, finding, like, who you are on camera and so forth. And I presume that some of that's gonna come out after a period of time where I'll just be, you know, it'll just gonna feel more relaxed and more natural, the more often [00:45:00] it's done or the more conversations you have like this where you're just like, yeah, just be yourself. Like, don't Yeah. Try to be somebody different on camera, camera. But it's a difficult thing. It's not something that naturally happens, not for me anyway, maybe for some other people. But, yeah, it's something you gotta work work with it. And I think over time, the more You do, the more that natural side's gonna come out, and, um, you'll get a few more of those moments, I think, happening on video. So Well, Byron Tazekiax from Pixa Rush probably should have said that right at the start, but he's the SEO guru down in Melbourne. And I'm yet to meet him face the face, but we've had plenty of really great chats over video calls next time in in Melbourne. We definitely will want to catch up. But, Byron if you're looking at SEO or even some tips around SEO and how you can leverage your website more effectively. There there's just so much capacity to get to extend your into your website into a selling sales tool, and Byron is your man for, um, before understanding how to do that further. So make sure you check him out. I'll [00:46:00] put the link in the show notes of this podcast, of course, and YouTube YouTube video. And, um, Byron, I would just say to you, thank you, sir, again for jumping on a call. I always love our chats. Oh, they're always good. And we've had Appreciate it. There's a there's a lot to digest too out of today. A lot very AI focused, Um, I think, but also bit of bit of business mixed in there as well. Yeah. Bit of business, bit of, uh, video consistency. We've got a bit of everything in there, but, you Yeah. I'm looking forward to the content just as much as, uh, you're looking forward to it, Chris, because I'll be putting it out on my socials later as well. So I think think we can put out some good content. So come along with a ride with Chris and I. Hopefully, we'll, uh, show you some better ways of of doing video more consistently, I think. I think. And if I haven't already shared last year's video with you too, I'm sure it's still on Riverside somewhere. I'll dig it up and I'll get it, uh, up later. Yeah. Hundred percent. Any video you've got, then, uh, I'd love to see it. We'll definitely get it out there. So Yeah. Good. Good. Good. Hi, Byron. Thanks thanks [00:47:00] again, brother. Thank you very much, Chris. This is the conclusion of our show. Amazing. The DIY Video for Professionals is the new name, by the way. We're just rebranding. We're very professional. You and I, Chris, have had of all people I know. So Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. And I think it could be I think it could be called do you I was thinking, oh, why should it be DIY Video 4 professionals can't be just what it is on our site right now, which is DIY Video like a professional. Mhmm. Because now I'm thinking, fuck with this image and the the desktop studio and the message. Mhmm. I'm so amped up to go, okay. It's the podcast. It's the website. It's the side of the car. It's on the email. It's you know what I mean? And really just drive that consistent message across all areas and just keep it all harnessed. So, you know, if someone does QR code the car or whatever they get to the site, they're like, yeah. That's the car I saw. That's the guy. Yeah. Yeah. That's the thing I saw. Like, immediately, there's a [00:48:00] representation, uh, iconology and and visuals there that match what they remembered seeing. Like, I don't have a fucking pink car. Uh, so so let's let's I had a my kids were trying to talk me into it, and I had somebody brand brand specialist say, what the fuck are you talking? Don't ever fucking to your car and pick. Yes. It'll stand out, but there's no cohesion. There's no cohesion with with a thing. I got a little bit more. There. Correct. There you go. So, anyway, so I'm now kind of circling back again, uh, for the first time in 22 years to going, Righto. I I'm I want this to be recognizable when they are Uh, visiting multi facets, multi platforms of their search of their search kinda journey, you know, Um, and making sure that it's, like, very, very sticky to them and, like, yeah. That's the guy. That's the guy I'm saying. You know? That's the guy that's the thing that you're thinking of in the traffic. Once they try to code once they go [00:49:00] up To to to scan the barcode, though. That's where all the Tesla's cameras turn on. So there's they're just like Yeah. Yeah. Just getting and, it. Footage. Even if he doesn't get a lead out of it, Chris has got to turn it into footage. So Yeah. So I I should have a little disclaimer for saying, you know, you are being filmed. Yeah. Yeah. This will be used on social media. Sign this waiver. But but also what'll be what'll be good is I'll have their image. So I'll just use some facial tracking to actually go and hunt them down on LinkedIn, and then I'll, like, go. Like, if they if they if they come to me or not. Yeah. You turn up at their house, you know, just your face sitting at the side of their house for the next week, you know. So I'll just keep the cameras running, you know, and just keep the keep the what is it? The sedentary mode running. Stalking a prospect for 7 days. That is grand recall. It's like, why will like, I took a photo of the QR code on that car, like, 6 months ago, and it's still sitting out the front of my car. And when self driving happens, then I'll just be able to [00:50:00] recall my car and just have them come back and Pick Me Up. Right? There's no big deal. They could just be anywhere. I've advertising all over the place. Yeah. I like it. I do I I I had wrapped up about 10 minutes ago, but I'm definitely wrapping up. Launch back into it. Thank you, Chris. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Good. And We'll finish there. Thank you, and no more thank yous. That's it. No more thank yous. That's it. We gotta stop. Done. Stop. Oh, man. Take it easy. No worries. Have a good 1, dude.


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