Mastering the Controlling Idea: Key to Impactful Presentations

Mastering the Controlling Idea: Key to Impactful Presentations (Episode 156)

video marketing podcast Jun 30, 2023

Are you struggling to define the core message in your videos and presentations?

Join Chris Schwager (Video Marketer and Co-Founder of Ridge Films) in this episode of Video Made Simple as he uncovers the power of the controlling idea. Why do content creators find it hard to pinpoint this crucial element? Explore the common challenges content creators face in defining their core message and discover practical solutions to clarify and strengthen your controlling idea. Learn about the role of simplicity and practice in conveying your point effectively.

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Video Transcription:

 Chris Schwager

Imagine you are sitting down to write a script for your video or preparing to present an idea to your team. You have a general sense of what you want to convey, but as you start putting words on paper or speaking, you struggle to define the core message. The controlling idea. It's frustrating and it hampers your ability to create impactful content.

[00:00:25] This challenge isn't limited to presentations alone, it extends to the process of writing scripts. Both require a clear understanding of the controlling idea, a central theme or core message that ties everything together. The skills needed for both tasks overlap and finding the controlling idea is crucial for content creators, and yet it's way too common of a problem many content creators face, not knowing what the controlling idea is and not even asking themselves, what is the controlling idea?

[00:00:59] I'm your host, Chris Schwager, and then this episode of Video Made Simple. I'm gonna stick to the point and make sure that I stay on the topic of the controlling idea. So why do people find it hard to pinpoint the controlling idea of their presentation in the scripts? Well, there are three several factors that we've investigated.

[00:01:16] First, it's a matter of clarity and focus. Sometimes our ideas are scattered or too broad. Making it difficult to distill them into a single concise message. We need to refine our thinking and identify the heart of our content.

[00:01:30] Secondly, the fear of oversimplifying. We worry that reducing our message to its core might strip away important details or dilute its impact. Balancing simplicity with depth is a di uh, delicate art that content creators must master.

[00:01:47] Third, lack of skill. This is most of us and lack of experience in crafting presentations and scripting, crafting a compelling narrative. Hmm. Organizing thoughts effectively. Hmm. And communicating clearly requires practice and development.

[00:02:07] When was the last time you put a script together? It's important to remember that these challenges are normal and can be overcome with the right approach and techniques. Here are some practical solutions to help you tackle these problems and identify your controlling idea.

[00:02:27] One, reflect and clarify. Take time to reflect on your topic or idea and ask yourself what the core message is that you want to convey. What is the one thing you want your audience to remember or understand? Once you've clarified this, it becomes easy to structure your content around it.

[00:02:47] Define your audience's needs is number two. Consider your audience and their needs. What problem are you addressing? What problem are you addressing? Tailoring your controlling idea to resonate with their pain points or aspirations will make your content more impactful and engaging.

[00:03:08] Three. Simplifying and streamlining complex ideas can be challenging to communicate effectively. Break down your message into simple and concise statements. Be simple. Avoid unnecessary jargon or technical terms that might confuse your audience. It might sound great for you. It's noise to them. Remember, simplicity is key to conveying your point clearly. If you confuse, you lose.

[00:03:37] And four. Practice, practice, practice and refine. Whether you are presenting or writing a script, practice is essential. Rehearse your presentations or read your script aloud multiple times in front of people if possible. In front of your target market if possible. Practice not only helps you become familiar with the content, but also allows you to identify areas where the controlling idea might be weak or unclear. Refine your script until it aligns perfectly with your central message. Hmm.

[00:04:13] Isn't that an amazing podcast. I love this podcast. I love this topic cuz I'm always quizzing people on the controlling idea. It's very easy in the world of scripting from where I sit to derail this. It's so easy to get swept away and before you know it, you're in a burrow hole that is off the controlling idea.

[00:04:34] Now we have script templates. We have over 20 different script templates that help you manage your thoughts clearly. From your introduction, from about you, from point of empathy to problem and solution, details, topic ideas, et cetera, is all structured to hold you accountable to a certain amount of words in the script. That means that you're gonna have the best chance at holding your audience's attention as they work their way through the script. Not only will you stick to the controlling idea, but you'll maintain their interest throughout the entire video.

[00:05:11] By implementing these solutions that I've spoken about today and developing your skills, you can confidently find and express the controlling idea in your presentations and scripts. Remember, it's a journey, but it's also a process.

[00:05:25] Script writing is a process. It's a process. It's a process that requires practice and refinement. Over time, you'll become more adept at identifying the core of your ideas and crafting impactful content.

[00:05:39] Wanna know more about writing video scripts? Our team of experts provide personalised coaching to help you refine your script writing skills. You gotta contact us right now to learn how we can support your video marketing journey. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for valuable tips and insights on creating impactful videos. That's all for this episode. I hope you got a lot out of the controlling idea. Was this enough of a controlling idea for you?

[00:06:04] Thank you for listening. I'd love to hear your feedback and see you next week.

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