Searching Talent with AI-Powered Interviewing with Tobias Taylor

Searching Talent with AI-Powered Interviewing with Tobias Taylor (Episode 12)

video marketing podcast May 28, 2020

With the rapid shift in staffing due to COVID-19, wouldn’t it be easier if you employ the right person the first time? If you’re looking for work, wouldn’t it be great to cut through the hassles of CVs and the time it takes to search?

We're joined by Tobias Taylor from Vidaura (Pulse Talent) who’s helping change talent searching forever with AI-Powered Interviewing combined with video marketing.

AI-powered talent searching removes the old-fashioned CVs. It targets persons who are seeking entry-level opportunities. It is about personality profiling with the use of video interviews. Thus, delivering a short, sharp, and on-point message.



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