Magnetic Stories: Make Them Real & Personal with Gabrielle Dolan

Magnetic Stories: Make Them Real & Personal with Gabrielle Dolan (Episode 60)

branding video coaching video marketing video marketing podcast Jun 04, 2021

What will it take for a brand to stand out from the competition in today’s saturated market?

In this episode, Chris Schwager (Video Marketer from Ridge Films) is joined by Gabrielle Dolan, a highly sought-after keynote speaker, educator, and author, as they unpack the power of stories and why it is paramount for businesses to inject stories and emotions into their business.

Learn how you can communicate clearly and connect to your audience with the use of stories.

"The really simple reason is because the story taps into emotion. We are emotional beings yet we try to think we're logical. But the brain processes emotion faster. So we've actually already made the emotional decision. And we justify on logic.  Anyone in sales will tell you people buy on emotion, and we rationalise through logic."

Here’s what you can learn from the episode:

  • Get to know Gabrielle
  • Brand storytelling
  • AU businesses fail at storytelling
  • Power of Stories
  • Components of a memorable story

Be sure to listen to part 2 of this episode here:

Magnetic Stories: Make Them Real & Personal with Gabrielle Dolan [Part 2]



Make it real. Make it natural. Make it personal. Enquire now and we'll help you craft your story and launch it to the world.  Check out Story Time Videos of Ridge Films.

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