How to Build a YouTube Brand from Nothing with Linh Podetti

How to Build a YouTube Brand from Nothing with Linh Podetti (Episode 121)

branding diy video coaching video marketing youtube Sep 16, 2022

You've got your camera, lights, and microphone, ready to shine on the second largest search engine online - YouTube. Everybody likes to watch video, and you think it only makes sense to be on the spotlight and start churning out content, with hopes to bring profit for your business. But viewers don't take too long to your channel before swiping down your episode to oblivion. You realise you're not cut out for this. What do you do?

In this episode, Chris Schwager and Brendan Southall (Co-founders and Video Marketers of Ridge Films) is joined by Linh Podetti (Co-founder of Outsourcing Angel, CEO of Dawn Media Productions), to discuss all about what it takes to build a brand on YouTube. Get to know how Linh developed her content and brand on the video platform, her insights on achieving exponential growth and turning your channel into a lead magnet for your business. She also provides the do's and don'ts of building brand on YouTube, and importance of thumbnails to grab attention, and why it makes sense to own your content and brand by signing up for the DIY Video Program and partnering with Ridge Films for this.

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Video Transcription:

 Chris Schwager 00:00:00

Chris Schwager: Welcome to the Video Made Simple podcast where we help take the mystery out of video and break through the monotony of day to day communication for marketers, entrepreneurs and clients. Watch and listen to the world's best video strategists, business leaders, and communication experts to supercharge the way you sell market and teach.

Brenden Kumarasamy: How would the world change for you are an exceptional communicator?

Dr. Greg Schreeuwer: You said it the way you said it, cuz that's the way it needs to be said in the moment.

[00:00:23] Chris Schwager: Open your mind to the potential of video.

Phil Nottingham: It's all about showing rather than telling people.

Sian Jenkins: The whole idea was to create bingeable content.

Chet Lovegren: This guy actually made me a video. He took the time. That's probably the type of support and care I'm gonna get. When I'm paying these people a lot of money for their product.

[00:00:37] Chris Schwager: And lead your business into a world of modern communication.

Kate Robinson: You don't have to spend millions of dollars, your Spielberg production to get an outcome.

Andrew Zbik: Within 24 hours of opening that email we could tell they are watching that full 20 minutes.

Todd Hartley: And video's the most powerful tool for convincing and converting. So we are in the driver's seat.

[00:00:54] Chris Schwager: With practical tips that will help you become a better video market. This is the Video Made Simple podcast.

 [00:01:10] Hello video marketing professionals. Welcome to the podcast that takes their mystery out of video production and provides business leaders support to help them break through the monotony of day to day communication.

[00:01:20] I'm your host, Chris Schwager joined oh this week by Mr. Brendan Southall. Hello, Mr. Brendan.

[00:01:26] Brendan Southall: Hello, Mr. Chris.

[00:01:28] Chris Schwager: When did we first meet Linh Podetti?

[00:01:30] Brendan Southall: Oh, we met Linh a little while ago and, and I think a lot of the stuff we were exposed to at the time was around her outsourcing business. And then this Dawn Media content came to the service as well, which, um, yeah, and that, that's where we kind of started to inquire about the YouTube.

[00:01:46] Chris Schwager: We're gonna absolutely, we're gonna learn all about our lackluster YouTube channel as well as what Dawn Media can do to improve it. Today, our guest is Linh Podetti, Co-founder of Dawn Media Productions, a video marketing agency and CEO of Outsourcing Angel, which is where we first met .Linh, that helps business all over the world, outsource virtual assistance. She's been extremely successful building her seven figure business and her video presence across social media and YouTube, and has now made it her mission to help other business owners do the same. Linh is also our first DIY Video Program partner, and she's here via her DIY Desktop Studio to help us all learn how to build a brand on YouTube, through strategy, production, and outsourcing. Here's our chat with Linh Podetti.

[00:02:44] Linh Podetti: We actually started doing something together when I had monkey video production. So this is when I had an animation business on the side while I was running Outsourcing Angel. Um. And so, because at that time I wasn't doing any actually videography or video editing work, just animation. So that was when I think I passed you a client. Me, starting Outsourcing Angel, it's been about over 10 years journey in the outsourcing space. Uh, I started a first business in eCommerce trying to sell nail Polish, uh, thought I was gonna make a million dollars. Cuz if I only, I only have to make profit of a dollar for a million. And every girl wears nail Polish. I should be a millionaire straight away.

[00:03:19] And that was my kind of delusional journey into entrepreneurship. I had zero ideas and I end up having to learn how to get a website done, how to SEO and all these digital marketing terms that I never heard of. And because I had to do it for my e-commerce business, I learned how to find the right people and didn't know much about overseas people yet. But with limited funding, I really had to find ways. And that was when I stumbled into outsourcing. Working with overseas, people made a lot of mistakes. Like everyone else hired the wrong people, got ripped off, wasted a lot of money and time, but I fell in love with it because I felt that was my mission to help people in developing countries.

[00:03:58] I came from Vietnam and being able to move to Australia. I was like, this is such a great concept here. We can actually employ and create jobs for people over there. They don't have to move countries and we can't, you know, bring everyone to Australia or America, but this is such a great way to give back and help those people over there.

[00:04:14] So, yeah, I've been doing that for over 10 years and you know, the animation business, all Dawn Media Production is still just a spinoff outsourcing because I'm, I'm always think figuring out what kind of services do people need, who do we need involved in it? Some of them could be local people, but majority can be done from overseas people.

[00:04:31] But how do you bundle into a productised service that helps customers get the result, but then putting people into a team that can deliver that. And you know, whether they're overseas or local, we just, you know, bundle the right people in.

[00:04:44] Chris Schwager: How did you build, uh, your brand on YouTube, Linh? How did that all come about?

[00:04:49] Linh Podetti: Yeah. So about 2018 or something, I had this aha moment. I was like, if my mission is to inspire millions of people and to help people around the world, the only way to do that is touch those people's lives. And how do you do that? You can't really go and meet individually. It's really comes down to videos. And so I was actually a shy girl. I grew up being super shy and everyone, my teachers always complained. I was shy. And so I have always been in the journey of trying to become more confident. And you know, when people look at me with videos now, they're like, oh, you're such a pro uh, you know, cuz you just you're good at videos. I'm like, no, it's not. It's actually me deciding that this is the way to take my business to another level, but also to make an impact. And so that was when I decided to really get into YouTube, but I didn't know anything about YouTube. So I started vlogging. I thought, oh, everyone would be interested in, you know, a CEO's life.

[00:05:38] And I started to just shoot behind the scenes. And I was even pumping out one video a day, cuz I mean, it's just filming my day. And then I just realized that was not the strategy. And, you know, you start to figure out that people aren't watching it. And so then I really had to go and commit to a learning something.

[00:05:53] And so I did a course and I studied it all and, uh, it was just so, uh, complex because, you know, And YouTube is so powerful. There's so much analytics and, and it's just, uh, also so competitive on there. There's millions and billions of videos. And so, um, yeah, it was a very challenging journey, but I was committed cuz you know, when you have that understanding that this is the only way you really just committed to it and yeah, I was just testing and, you know, I didn't really listen to the teacher either. I, they said to niche and I was like, yeah, I like outsourcing, but I like other things as well. And so I kind of didn't listen. And I started talking about spirituality and my family and my travel. Like I just did, you know, I'm a rebellious little entrepreneur.

[00:06:36] I just don't believe people or not, I don't believe. I just like to try my way. And so trying it my way now I really realise that yeah, you do really need to just stick to, uh, you know, core expertise and the more videos you do, the more you can understand what people are actually one thing to hear from you. And so the more you do videos, the more you are get better at doing videos and your video starts to be ranked high on YouTube and people start finding you again and again.

[00:07:02] Chris Schwager: Well, that's not just, I've got an idea for a video, produce it, and upload it anymore. What do you say to the businesses that are looking at how prominent YouTube is now and thinking, ah, what's the point in creating a YouTube channel when you know, I've got so much competition already doing it so much better than I could possibly do it. What do you say?

[00:07:26] Linh Podetti: You know, like they always say, the best time to plant a tree is now it's that kind of saying? I feel like you'd never, it's never too late. You know, when I started, I was like, man, I wished I started in 2000 and whatever when YouTube started, because if you were to open any successful on YouTuber online, you go to their videos, you know, when they first started, it was so crap. It was 10 years ago. It was, you know, many, many years ago.

[00:07:49] And yet they continued to craft their, um, their message and, and became so good at it that now they're, you know, they're really successful. But they all started somewhere. And so I, I too was like, yeah, I really felt like it was too late. But then now many years later, you guys are still fresh to it. And so there's always gonna be more and more people, you know, over 10 years ago, Outsourcing to me, I thought everyone knew it and I was just catching on.

[00:08:13] But at the time, no, it wasn't. It's like now they kind of go, yeah. Oh, now we know outsourcing, outsourcing is cool now. And so I just think that you can't judge the timeline of anything. And I think if you just get the point that I did, which was like, you need to build an audience in order to succeed in life or business, then the best time to start is now.

[00:08:32] And everyone's journey's gonna be different. Some people are, for example, yourself already. So great at presenting on camera. You will just get there a lot faster than someone who is completely brand new. Who's still just trying to overcoming their confidence issue on, on camera, let alone, you know, optimizing the video.

[00:08:49] So then I've got some friends who just boom, in one year, you know, hundreds and thousands and the people like myself who kinda didn't listen, and wasn't that committed and went along the, uh, one way, but still reaping the benefit now in terms of a strong brand and people finding us on there.

[00:09:04] Chris Schwager: Well, there's a lot of businesses that would go well, what's the ROI? How do you measure that? And I guess it comes down to, you know, what are the quick wins that an ordinary company could see as a result of investing in YouTube? Can it be used as a lead magnet? And if so, how do you maximize the potential of it?

[00:09:22] Linh Podetti: Like any branding, I would call YouTube is a way to build a brand. And that means that you can't expect fast return it's because, you know, with a brand you nearly need to be in front of people again and again, and add value, but the best thing is ever green.

[00:09:36] It just sits there. And the videos that do well are the ones I've made two years ago. And so it's, imagine having this sales person that is like, you know, alive and working for you 24/7 and you don't have to be there. So you're, you know, I love outsourcing. I love leveraging and I, I find videos as a way to really leverage me.

[00:09:55] So I make a video and educate people on a particular topic and it goes off, it's like a box office hit. I call it in, in movies and that one video can actually do all the work, uh, for you. But I guess over time, YouTube also needs to detect that you are a serious content creator and you're actually creating consistent content.

[00:10:12] So I would say to cheat YouTube, like as if you've just been given a contract on the, you know, network, you know, an Oprah network, right. And you are now the Oprah. And so you are committed to pr- you know, be there for your audience and continue to get better on your show. And you're gonna have to turn up at that time every single week, right?

[00:10:31] Oprah doesn't all of a sudden goes, I can't be bothered showing up today. So you two have to really own this platform and go, this is my platform, my voice. And I'm gonna be there every week and build my own, I guess, loyal fans and followers. And so by doing that, you will see. There's more than just, you know, lead people, watching and leads. You actually start to get messages from people going, you really helped my, my life and my business and you've transformed me.

[00:10:59] But of course, you know, just to answer in terms of how do you actually convert leads because of the description area under the video, it gives you so much space to actually add all your lead magnets and your websites.

[00:11:10] And tell 'em to . Even follow your other channel. There's just so much space. It's almost like a webpage. Um, you're able to really use every video, like a landing page. And so then you drive people into your, um, you know, into your offer and, you know, look at the end of the day. I would say that people nowadays are everywhere, right.

[00:11:29] And YouTube is where they're really listening and, and wanting to learn everything. And that's the best place where they feel like my God, you're giving me so much value. And I get to know you almost get a sample of you, uh, the way you work, the way you think that it creates lights and trust so much more than all the little teasing thing that you do on all the other channels.

[00:11:48] Chris Schwager: And they are everywhere, you know, it's, it's not even a case of alright, if you're on YouTube, you're most likely on your computer or on your mobile phone. Now we, we know firsthand that there are people out there more inclined to watch YouTube on their smart TV, because they can do it while they're sitting down relaxing and having a beer or whatever, right. So that, that was the revelation that I discovered from our clients that got me thinking, oh shit, we're really missing out here because there is a whole bunch of, uh, education knowledge to be dispersed amongst people that they can do at their leisure rather than resorting to Netflix or the whole, you know, streaming services. They're actually streaming YouTube content because they wanna learn how to-

[00:12:33] Linh Podetti: Yeah, you're 100% right.

[00:12:34] Chris Schwager: Or the, you know, it's a Friday evening. They'd rather watch those because they know that they've got an entire weekend to buy a lawn mower and they can go and figure that out in front of the TV. So the consumptions disperse now, um, in terms of platforms and, and where it all exists. I definitely think it's ignorant to think that people would only consume it in one way at one particular moment in time. I think the traditional --

[00:12:58] Linh Podetti: You raise a really good point. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz um, I now only really watch two things on TV, Netflix and YouTube. And they're both on demand. It's because I wanna be able to choose what I wanna watch. Not just, you know, turn on TV's and, and watch random stuff's so yeah, YouTube is now the source of, you know, all my education and entertainment.

[00:13:17] Chris Schwager: And it's just not enough now to be like, oh, will I post on social media? Because it's there's no. I mean, this is changing so bloody quick, but TikTok is now claiming to take over YouTube for searchability and SEO and all that type of stuff. So I kind of found that maybe a bit premature, but traditionally something like LinkedIn, like if you are hot on LinkedIn and you are publishing videos, that's great.

[00:13:41] But nobody's gonna find that shit ever. Like --

[00:13:45] Linh Podetti: That's right.

[00:13:45] Chris Schwager: It's never, yeah. It's never gonna come up in a search somewhere. So is LinkedIn a good place for, for indexing and cataloging and like kind of keeping content, I guess, at the, uh, area of demand for the audience?

[00:13:58] Linh Podetti: Yeah. So you're right. YouTube is so different to LinkedIn and all the other social channels, because it's actually a search engine. It's the second highest visited website and it's after Google. So it's two search engines really that most people go to. And why do people go to, because it helps them to solve a problem. You go there and you're searching for something you need. And so your videos will be found. And like I told you, my videos have that doing well are two, three years ago, and it's still working for me. And it's because people are looking and searching for that. On LinkedIn or any other channel, your kind of your content kind of just dies out, like it's just, you know away. You feel like you have to keep working at like, you know, showing people, you know, and hoping that someone on that day saw something that, you know, aligns to them.

[00:14:40] But at the end of the day, it's very different because, uh, you know, one channel is very kind of quick. So that's why we love to repurpose content. When you do long form YouTube content as well, it just creates so much assets for you. You've spoken for 10 minutes. There's so many content that can be purpose into graphics and snippets that then it makes Instagram LinkedIn so easy, cuz a lot of times people don't do those channel cause they're like, oh my God, there's so much content to do. But if you already started creating, uh, long form, then all the little forms are so much easy for your team as well. If they were to write a caption, it's so easy to write, cuz you've actually gave them context in this piece of content.

[00:15:16] When I first started on social media, I remember go, someone said to me, you should start doing video. I'm like, oh my God, what do I say? And then it said, I'll do one minute videos. And I was. How do I talk in one minute? You know, I was just like, could I could not get the message right in one minute? And then I realized after I started doing YouTube, it made my social media content on the other channel so much easier to do.

[00:15:37] Chris Schwager: What are the common mistakes people make when jumping on YouTube and not getting the results that they're looking for on their channel.

[00:15:44] Linh Podetti: Number one is you gotta decide, are you going on YouTube just to host, you know, the link so that you can share that link to your current existing people that, you know? Then, that, YouTube doesn't really matter anymore, right? It's like, you don't really care about search engine, but if you really want to be able to have another source, where people can find you a cold audience from anywhere that might be looking for something to find you, then you really need to understand its algorithm. And so what happens is I see a lot of podcasters nowadays, go, okay, I have a podcast, I'm gonna start hosting it on YouTube.

[00:16:16] And so they basically host a video up, name it, the same name, you know, podcast one with blah, blah, blah. And it's like how no one would even be searching that keyword. And then there's no tags. No, no keyword research that's done. There's no thumbnails. There's no. So the titles and title is important, cuz it really works on in terms of helping people find you.

[00:16:38] And then thumbnail is kind of helping you to compete against all the other. Searches that will come out if you have a really crappy thumbnail, uh, and sometimes you do it wrong by, you know, copying your title, putting it onto your, uh, thumbnail, and it's so long and so hard to read. So you really need to, um, you know, check your mobile and be able to see that does this thumbnail just straight out pop few words. Tell me what that video is. Does it have an engaging, um, image and in a way you also have to be smart enough to go, okay. I wanna keep to theme, but I still need to make my thumbnails after they're like one of your video. They go to your channel and they're like, which video should I watch now?

[00:17:15] That's just to, you know, it's just so similar as well. And so in a way you just need to, uh, treat YouTube as a way of how do you make sure that you stand out against, you know, imagine Netflix, right? You, you know, when you watch Netflix, you know what it's like. You wanna watch something and you're kind of looking for a cool title, a cool, you know, cover of this, um, of this, uh, movie, and then you just flick around and you kind of pick that. And so how do you do that for your own video on YouTube to make people wanna click that?

[00:17:45] Chris Schwager: What about monetizing?

[00:17:46] Linh Podetti: I have a friend who's pretty much going to stop doing his original business because he's turning over over $20,000 a month just on YouTube, because he creates so much educational content for his audience that his, you know, subscribers and views are so high that he goes, oh my God, I cannot believe I'm earning more from YouTube. So YouTube actually pays him. So that's just one way.

[00:18:10] But for me, I guess I'm not after that way, but if I can, I would . Um. But overall it helps me to be able to attract clients. So we often always ask our clients, where did you find us? And they're like, oh, we Googled you. And then we, we went to and watched a YouTube video and, you know, they kind of got to see that we, we are an expert in, in our field and then they, they become a client in that way. Um. So, and then it's same friends of mines are the ones that are, you know, really going well with the subscribers and their views. That's when they start getting brand deals, uh, you know, you start to have to mention the, the ad or you might do a, a video, you know, maybe Ridge Films might go. Okay. Yeah. Linh, you're so awesome. Can you do a video about Ridge Films and I'll pay you that kind of thing. So they kind of, um, earn money in that way as well? Uh, yeah. So that's the kind of a few ways that you can earn money on YouTube.

[00:19:01] Chris Schwager: I had a chat with a couple of guys yesterday talking about the feedback, I guess, of something like LinkedIn or social media. And my belief is that likes, views, comments is not the metric to be looking at. Um. Whenever I've gotten actual feedback on published content has been verbally meeting with them, has been sitting down over the phone, whatever, where they've actually giving me proper feedback, you know, on, on, on the, on the content now, is that the same for YouTube? What's the most important metric on YouTube? Is it numbers of views, subscribers, comments, or is it just getting to know people and, and getting legitimate feedback?

[00:19:47] Linh Podetti: Yeah, I think as business owners, we can't get caught up with subscribers and views and comments. Like if I got to this point and all I got was that, there was no way I would think it's a great idea. But it's because we are actually generating clients, we get downloads, lead magnets, we're building up the database through, uh, you know, uh, publishing content and driving people into our database. Now we've tried even creating courses before and we've realized that, why not use that amazing content and share it with the public. And there's gonna be more eyeballs in that. And then we wanna be able to give so much value that they actually then wanna actually buy our product as well.

[00:20:22] Views and likes and com uh, subscribers, etcetera, kind of allows you to see that yeah, your progress there's people that are liking your content and wanna be your fan. But ultimately we are always tracking the number of conversions, you know? Um. So we, our, our VA would always screenshot people go, oh, I love watching your YouTube. Well, I found your video on YouTube. Same as on LinkedIn. Right? It's like, Hey, I really like your content. Hey, I'm ready to talk about our VA now or whatever else. So, um, yeah. And look, the more resources you have to really track every metric, the more you will really see it, but I'm, I'm more of a feely kind of person, you know?

[00:20:57] Um. If you talk to another, my office manager, who's very data person. And for me, I know I'm on the right track because I often feel and regularly get whether it's "you inspire me" or business, um, actual business deals. Um, and from places that you would never be able to reach. There's people in America, Canada, we've got a client in France. Um. My husband found me on YouTube. I'd never had any connections with him. I was from Melbourne, he's from Sydney and I married a successful rich guy. Let's just go, so high returned investment right there. Um.

[00:21:32] And actually one of the interesting one was a, um, a donor, uh, for char, uh, Outsourcing Angel. So we are actually, uh, quite a social enterprise, always trying to give back. And we made a video about our charity work and we had someone from America who lives in Singapore, was going, I was just looking for something that I wanna donate to that I feel like it's not going to some, you know, organization that takes all the money into the admin, right? Like it's just something more authentic.

[00:21:58] And then I found your video. Can we have a chat on Zoom? And now he's been a regular donor, um, of my mission. Uh. And so, and he actually, uh, asked me if I could help him get over there so he can actually physically do the mission. And he did within like two weeks off, uh, meeting us. He was in the Philippines and he's got photos of him. He's like, this is the most amazing experience I've ever had. And the connection was completely elsewhere. Yeah.

[00:22:22] Chris Schwager: We'll be back in a short moment with Linh Podetti. Are you sick of setting up video equipment and all the tech hassles that come with producing your own videos? Nowadays, video is everything, and there's a more streamlined way to present yourself professionally on your YouTube channel rather than a crappy quality webcam. And you can do it from the convenience of your desk. It's called DIY Video Program. The DIY Video Program allows you to create course content, send personalised sales, video, and emails, record regular video updates for social media and look, and sound amazing in every video interaction with a single push of a button. You can get all of your professional light, sound, camera, teleprompter, and all the skills and processes you need to supercharge how you sell, market, and teach. Learn more and go to

[00:23:13] Jesus you look good, Linh. Um.

[00:23:16] Linh Podetti: Ah, thank you.

[00:23:17] Chris Schwager: And, and it's not all just make up, right? Tell me what's what's going on there. Why did you invest?

[00:23:24] Linh Podetti: There's this thing called DIY Program or VI, uh, video studio kit that I actually originally didn't think I needed. You know, I have been a content creator for a few years now, started with phones and was still using my phone cuz you know, the better the camera comes out, the the better the quality is. And I just love the convenience of it. And I had a DSLR camera and I had lights. And you know, when I spoke to you guys at Ridge Films and you're like, hey, but you can look like this, you know, it's kind of like, yes. You've got a Toyota, it takes you from here to there, but imagine I'll give you a Ferrari, you know, and I just felt the value in what, I mean, how much I was gonna be using videos moving forward. It was such a great investment. And so I thought I'm gonna give it a go cause I definitely can see it's just so much better. Uh. The way I look so professional and it's only when I decided to buy it, did I actually even see, uh, and understand the value and what I mean by that is. Um.

[00:24:19] The convenient of the one button, right? it's like, I was like, could not believe how, cuz with my DSLR camera, to be honest, once I bought it, I only watched one YouTube tutorial, learned how to put some settings in, and after that I did not dare to touch anything else. And then I had another camera that the setting went funny, and I could not find the original tutorial to kind of put it back into the way it was, you know? And that's just how technical DSLR cameras are. And so for someone like myself, who aren't that techy, you guys have put it together in a way that the setting stays the same. I don't, I don't have to worry about anything. The lights stay, everything is the same and I always get to look good, you know all the time. And so pressing one button and all of a sudden everything's on was just so, um, convenient. So now I can shoot videos like that and it makes me less lazy, you know, there's times where I'm like procrastinating go, okay. I need to shoot a video. And then I have seen nowadays where my team were like, Hey, Linh, we really need you to shoot this quick thing, you know, can you do it? And they could not believe that I could just do it. Uh. You know.

[00:25:19] And then the other thing was, um, I often meet people on Zoom and turning on this, made people go, wow. You know, it's . Almost like, what are you on? And what do you have there? And, and it really makes a noise. It makes people go, yeah, you're different. You are professional, right? And I think now that we're working on a, in a virtual way, I felt that this is my way of showing that I am classy and cool. You know, like if you, normally you go to a store, you would judge by whether it's a Gucci store or whatever. And it just looks so amazing versus, you know, a crappy 24, uh, 711. But this to me now is like this, the difference between someone that you might go, are you really the real deal? Because your Zoom and your quality looks like you're poor or your oh, your business isn't doing well. And I feel like this has really created a brand for me.

[00:26:09] Chris Schwager: Hmm. Well, you pretty much answered the--

[00:26:11] Linh Podetti: Did I sell you on that?

[00:26:14] Chris Schwager: I'll buy, how much is it? Can you tell me more? Yeah. So that, that's why. Go on. That's why, Linh's why partner. Yes, yes, exactly. Yes. Um, and, uh, you know, big, big advocate and you can see just the amount of, um, of, uh, inspiration, I --guess. Um, and, and, uh, confidence that Linh has in what, what it is that she's, you know, ultimately selling and, and has invested in yourself but it all comes from that original pain and that pain was-- okay, you actually spent a lot of time trying to dig up that tutorial video, how what's that all worth to you, right? Like getting all that time back, um, and to be able to do things with these speed and scale, I guess, what is that for you as a business entrepreneur now done?

[00:27:06] Linh Podetti: Yeah. The other thing I realize is that now that I've got this, my team members can actually come over and use this as well. Um. And so there's just so much more benefits and I always give it a metaphor to, um, there was many years where someone people talked about the air fryer and I was just like, oh, I don't need that, but it happened you know?

[00:27:23] And I would, I would refuse to use it and it's until I use it. Oh, my God. I'm like hitting my head. You know, I was just wishing that all these years, I would've saved myself time and the convenience of it. And so now I'm just so passionately talking about it. And so I would call it like this. It's like, you don't know that pain until you've got something like this and you go, wow. You know what a difference it's made in my life. And, uh, yeah, it's kind of a forever investment. And like I said, video, it will never go away. It's your second self. Yes. Is the only way that you can show up, um, multiple times all the time.

[00:27:55] Chris Schwager: I, I had a, a conversation with a client a couple weeks ago. He said, look, I've sold my house and I've sold the DIY studio with it. So so it's our first, uh, official resale, um, from a, from a client of ours. And he said, but I need one when I'm moving in my new place. I'll need another one. Yeah. And uh, this morning I just got an email from the, the new owners of the house saying, oh, we love the house and we love this thing.

[00:28:22] You've gotta come and show us how we use this DIY Desktop Studio. So I've now gotta put a program together for someone that actually hasn't bought the equipment as such from us, but as, uh, just looking for the, uh, production assistance. So that's exciting.

[00:28:37] Linh Podetti: Yeah. Yeah. If, if I didn't have my husband, I would have more cameras everywhere.

[00:28:41] Chris Schwager: Well, hopefully by the time I come and see you Linh and, and install your, uh, teleprompter max, by the way is just coming to you very, very soon. Hopefully I'll get zero resis resistance on, on putting the, putting the rest of it together in the back, backgrounds and all the wonderful stuff, even though your background looks good.

[00:28:58] Uh. We're gonna change it up again and, uh, make sure that it's Futureproof for a while. So this is exciting times. Look, I think I'm just about outta questions and I'm, I want Brendan I want Brendan to contribute here even though he probably has the teleprompter script in front of him right now. Uh, I don't know why I have to run this show at all. I can just outsource it to Brendan.

[00:29:18] Brendan Southall: So, so Linh, I guess what. Um, does success look the same for everybody? I mean, do you have to have millions of views? What, what does that look like?

[00:29:27] Linh Podetti: Yeah, I, I think it's gonna, everyone's on a different journey. And so for example, my friend, who's doing really well on it is he goes into depth and really show tutorial on how you can design things or how you do different things. Right. And so that's his kind of niche and, um, I guess it's really comes down to how much promotion you do at the beginning as well. So, you know, I would say that I don't do that well in a sense, cause I have too many, uh, too many businesses and channels and things. And so we don't really even promote the, the YouTube video when we publish it.

[00:29:58] Um. And for many years we just keep on progressing, cuz it's just more priority things to do. Um. But one thing that you, uh, you you'll see is that if you post consistently and you get better over time and if you don't get better over time, that's also going to stagnate. Right. And what you are doing here is you are investing in working with us to go, okay, well, what do I need to look at?

[00:30:19] And so everyone's journey is always gonna be depending on whether they're getting proper help doing it properly and consistently published. So we've got clients who actually, you know, at the, at the end of the day, it is a show that you have to turn up all the time. And so yes, they get excited at the beginning and then they start to post very randomly. And so the result will. You know, won't be as good. And so I think it comes down to your effort.

[00:30:40] It's like, if you are, if you've got, if you had that aha moment, cuz I call it the, my husband when I said to, okay, I see I'm going on YouTube. He's like, I thought you already did YouTube back there. You know? And I'm like, no, no. I meant like. You know, you know, that aha switch where I feel like I am going in. Right. And then you're gonna have more moments like that as well. I found that at the beginning, I was like, yeah, I'm gonna do it. And then, and then later, and then you, when you learn more about yourself and the way you're doing videos and what you feel like the audience really likes, you then get this extra aha. Because you get to your flow of what what you are good at and what people like. And it says that constant journey of, um, you becoming better and the audience liking your stuff that then your channel really grows. And so nowadays I would say that I think, and that here's the feedback from the people that have grown their channels way bigger than mine.

[00:31:27] They said that it's almost an exponential growth as well. It kind of goes like that. And then YouTube starts to go. I don't know, the algorithm kind of goes crazy. So a lot of my friends were slow at the beginning and now it's like thousands of subscribers each day, you know? And I, I seen mine. It's like, it's so consistent at the beginning.

[00:31:44] It was a bit slower, but now it's almost like 500 subscribers every month, you know, it's just, you just keep seeing the growth. Um, and so as long as you stay consistent, And dedicate to do this, not just for, I just wanna quick win and I want people to buy my stuff. Yes. But this is I'm gonna leave a legacy.

[00:32:01] I, I wanna build a brand, an op you know, I wanna be the Oprah of, you know, DIY videos or video in general and add value. And I do it because I, I love it to change people's lives. Then you'll do it longer and you'll do it with the right intention. And then, um, yeah, then you'll also get the result at the end as well.

[00:32:22] Brendan Southall: And does the, does the content need to have a, a certain theme, like a consistent theme all the way through or, or can you kind of vary it up a little bit, as you kind of change the topics as well?

[00:32:33] Linh Podetti: Yeah. So at the beginning you would probably wanna stick to your, your niche, which is video marketing. Um, and you know, over time, a lot of YouTuber starts to when you build enough audience, then you can AC actually pivot into other things that are, that you're passionate, but still within business.

[00:32:49] Right? Like, I don't think you should go. Like the way I did, which is like business. And then also talk about God completely different. Whereas now I like to talk about outsourcing and business kind of thing, but then I also, I realize that I'm more about around how do you live a really great, happy life and outsourcing and delegating is part of it.

[00:33:08] And so I do test and do it, but I kind of have that clarity in my intention and, and why people are here for, um, and so I also leverage a channel as a podcast, so it's, podcast is great because you get to network, you meet someone, you interview them, you build that relationship. And so I get to do that on the YouTube channel too.

[00:33:27] And when people get to see themselves visually on videos and you, you start repurposing, repurposing these videos as well, it makes a bigger impact. The like, and trust goes higher. And so. The channel itself is also a way for me to network and connect. So I've got that advantage.

[00:33:42] Brendan Southall: Beautiful

[00:33:42] Linh Podetti: as well.

[00:33:43] Brendan Southall: Yes, you did. Thank you. Yeah.

[00:33:45] Linh Podetti: I hope I answered your question.

[00:33:47] Chris Schwager: I want to get you to your meeting. If there's nothing more from Brendan, Linh, how, how does the audience reach out to you for more information on your wonderful Dawn Media services?

[00:33:57] Linh Podetti: Yeah. So we're at and yeah, come to us. If you are wanting to grow your brand and be the Oprah of your industry. And so we specialize pretty much on LinkedIn and YouTube as the main two platforms, but yeah, I encourage you to invest in DIY videos because it will make our job easier. We just focus on really coming up with the strategy and editing your videos, and you've got the equipment to help you, um, push it along.

[00:34:26] Chris Schwager: And if you wanna look and sound as vibrant as Linh Podetti, make sure you go and check out the DIY Video Program link as well. That's in the show notes, Linh, it's been a pleasure. Thank you so much for, uh, coming on the show and gracing us with your beauty.

[00:34:44] Linh Podetti: Thank you so much for your beauty as well, gentlemen and I'll see you soon.

[00:34:49] Chris Schwager: If you wanna learn more about building brand on YouTube or Linh Podetti, have a look at the show notes for details. Don't simply jump on YouTube on the bandwagon. Think about the strategy first. Think about how you're going to implement, and of course, use Linh services to support you through the process.

[00:35:07] Thanks for tuning in that's all for this episode of Video Made Simple podcast and see you next week.


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